Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What is the association between nursing staffing levels and adult Article

What is the association between nursing staffing levels and adult patient falls in hospitals - Article good exampleAt hospital level, number of registered nurses should be increased to monitor patients in the wards and provide the required services. From records, increased number of nurses decreases falls among adult patients (Griffiths et al., 2014). The nursing staffs should be given education so as to understand their roles and associated problems. On the other hand, nurses needs should be well catered to motivate them and have enabling environment to fracture their services. It can be achieved by considered them as financial assets that have a critical role in the hospital.However, in various unit-levels, experienced nurses should be bear at whichever cost. Evidence has shown that inexperience and lack of the necessary skill have contributed significantly to the falls among adult patients (Griffiths, et al., 2014). During hiring, nurse skill mix should be considered. It involv es victorious care of skill level and experience in order to improve services.From the records, it is not clear about the component of a nurse that contributes most to the drop-off of fall. It is, therefore, crucial to establish this through research and make recommendations. The future studies should as well focus on evaluating the role of non-registered nurse staffs to the increased falls in the hospitals. Their relationship should be validated through replication of studies.Griffiths, P., Ball, J., Drennan, J., Liz, J. & Michael, S. (2014). The association between patient safety outcomes and nurse / healthcare assistant skill mix and staffing levels & factors that may influence staffing requirements National Nursing Research Unit. New York, 1,

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